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Individuals can sign up or you can also sign up an entire team. You can choose the ticket options when signing up.
Apr 06, 7:30 PM EDT – May 18, 8:30 PM EDT
MSI Sports Complex,
4881 Chichester Ave, Aston, PA 19014, USA

Softball Overview:

Additional Information:



  • 7 Weeks:  6 Games minimum

  • Games will take place on Thursday nights from 7:30p-8:30p

  • This league will be slow-pitch



  • 1. No double wall, triple wall, multi-wall or composite bats. No layered bats. All bat models must be single-wall, slow-pitch softball bats only. 

  • 2. NO metal spikes are allowed on any of the playing fields.


  • One or Two Extra Player(s) (EP) of either gender can be added to lineup prior to going through the rotation once. Once the leadoff batter comes to the plate for the second time and is thrown one pitch, no players may be added to that team’s lineup. If a team wants to "save" a spot for a player coming late, they must take an automatic out at the end of their lineup. A team may end with one less player than they started with as long as the player in question was not ejected.

  • Three women must play in the field and bat unless a team only has two women, in which case the third spot in the line-up is an automatic out and the team can only field 9 players. (i.e. they lose a male fielder). The women cannot rotate from batting slot to batting slot. In other words, if a woman is in the 6th position in the batting order, she cannot move to another woman’s (or man’s) batting spot. If a team has only two women, they may still add one or two extra hitters to their lineup, however the automatic out spot must not be lower than the 6th spot in the lineup.

  • Three women must bat in the top 6 of the lineup, either 1st, 3rd and 5th or 2nd, 4th and 6th. If a team chooses to play more than 3 women, the remaining women (over 3) can bat anywhere in the lineup. If a team only has 2 women, an automatic out must be taken in the top 6 of the lineup.


  • NO TAKE-OUT SLIDES. NO FAKE TAGS. NO STEALING. Runners must either slide into home plate or avoid contact completely if there is a play there. A runner that does not slide or avoid contact will be called out.

  • A runner may not leave a base until the ball reaches home plate (per ASA guidelines).

  • On a Ground-rule Homerun, Batter may touch 1st base and walk off field. (ASA walk off rule)

  • Two courtesy runners per game (gender specific). The courtesy runner will be the last out whether the out was made at bat or on the basepaths. A courtesy runner may also be a bench player of the same gender that has not entered the game.

  • Medical Runner: Aside from your two regular courtesy runners, ONE designated player will be allowed a medical runner. They must use the same person to run for them each time. For example, if you have a medical runner- you bat, run to first, and then call time to allow your medical runner to swap with you. Medical runners must be clarified with the ump and opposing team managers during ground rules. This is an ADA rule and only to be used under best judgment of a medical condition...Medical runners must be stated before the game unless otherwise approved by the umpire.


  • All pitches must have a perceptible arc and reach at height of at least 6 feet and not exceeding 10 feet.

  • Illegal Pitch - If an illegal pitch is called by the umpire, the batter may swing at his/her own discretion. It is not a dead ball. There is no warning (in other words, first time is not a "warning")

  • Pitcher will have three pitches between innings (in no more than 1 minute) unless there is a pitching change. Relief pitchers will get 7 pitches from the mound (in no more than 2 minutes).


  • The balls and strikes count starts at 1 ball and 1 strike for all batters.

  • Third strike foul is an out for men and women.

  • When a woman is up to bat, all infielders on the field must stay behind the bases.

  • If the pitcher walks a man and the next batter is a woman, the man automatically advances to second base, all runners forced to advance do so and the woman bats. If a team has only 2 women batters, then the automatic out spot is still considered a ’women’ position in the batting order. If a pitcher walks a man before the automatic out, the man advances to second base as above.

  • Men will hit 12 inch low compression softballs; women will hit 11 inch low compression softballs.

  • Women cannot be thrown out at first base by an outfielder after hitting the ball. Force plays are still in effect, so outfielders can throw to second, third or home for force outs. Once a women rounds first base, she is "in play" for plays at first base.

  • No bunting. No chop hitting.

  • BATTING OUT OF ORDER: If a batter bats out of order, this is an appeal play, which must be brought to the umpire’s attention. If it is detected while the incorrect batter is at bat, the correct batter assumes the count and all plays made will stand. If it is detected after the incorrect batter has completed their turn at bat and before the next pitch (legal or illegal), the improper batter’s time at bat is negated, the batter who should have batted is out, any advance or score made because of the improper batter’s advance is negated, runners not called out must return to the last base occupied at the time of the pitch, however runners put out on the play remain out. The next batter is the player whose name follows that of the player called out for failing to bat. If the error is discovered after the first pitch to the next batter, the turn at bat of the incorrect batter is legal, all runs scored and bases run are legal and the next batter shall be the one whose name follows that of the incorrect batter. No one is called out for failure to bat. No base runner shall be removed from a base to bat in his/her proper place. They merely miss their turn at bat with no penalty.

Field Addresses:

Home Game Field:  4881 Chichester Ave, Aston, PA 19014

Time & Location  

Softball - 7:30p-8:30p on Thursday Nights @ MSI Sports Complex

About the Event:

Softball - These games will be a total of 7 innings

League Structure:

7 Weeks:  6 Games minimum


Spring Games:

Softball Games will begin on April 6th! 

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